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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there are things we can control to become more beautiful. Our face and skin define our external beauty, for the most part. Amisial MedSpa can help you care for your face and skin with several innovative treatments. HydraFacial, Thermismooth, VI and PRXT Peel, Microneedling, AQUAGOLD Fine touch, Genius by Luctronic, Lip Augmentation, and others will change how you view beauty!

Does baby skin appeal to you? Do you want more youthful and glowing facial skin? Would you like to correct skin imperfections and reduce stretch marks? Amisial MedSpa can help you with all that through our cutting-edge cosmetic treatments. Dr. Edy Amisial is one of the best cosmetic doctors in Florida, with several decades of experience in improving women’s beauty across multiple areas.

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HydraFacial uses a technology that gathers dead skin to clear the skin’s pores while enriching the skin with vitamin C, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and other vitamins. The treatment works on all skin types, and it addresses several skin conditions like:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dark spots
  • Fine lines
  • Acne outbreaks
  • Wrinkles

HydraFacial is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, as it clears and soothes the skin! This technology is painless, causes no swelling or irritation, and has no downtime. The results will last up to a week and become noticeable immediately after a treatment session.


Thermismooth technology uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper skin layer. The results are tighter skin, increased collagen production, and smoother skin appearance. Patients’ feedback reveals that Thermismooth is painless and feels like a warm massage. The circular motions also relax your skin and help the radiofrequency energy penetrate deeper into the skin layers.

The doctor will use a temperature-controlled handpiece to massage the targeted skin portion and tighten it. Wrinkles and fine lines will smoothen thanks to improved collagen production. The skin’s overall appearance will be firmer and more elastic after only a few Thermismooth treatments.

VI and PRXT Peel

VI and PRXT Peel are evolved forms of TCA peels with none of the side effects. These treatments don’t involve skin exfoliation, preventing irritation and inflammation. Instead, a blend of natural ingredients will improve your skin clarity, texture, and tone while reducing sun damage and age spots. Patients achieve the so-called “baby skin” thanks to the subdermal effects of the peel.

These treatments stimulate the skin’s natural healing potential while correcting skin imperfections and reducing stretch marks. Your facial skin will look brighter and will radiate thanks to the smoother texture. It’ll also eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a youthful appearance!


Our Collagen P.I.N Microneedling device has three times the needles of a regular microneedling machine. But it’s painless and doesn’t take too long, either. The results are flawless, based on patient feedback. This technology uses tiny needles to stimulate your skin’s regenerative properties, giving it a glowing appearance and dealing with sagginess and fine lines. Most aestheticians have started using the Collagen P.I.N device for all their treatments!


The AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a microneedling dermal delivery device that rejuvenates the skin to its youthful appearance. This technology allows us to personalize the treatment for individual patients, offering various tonics like hyaluronic acid fillers and relaxants. These tonics will treat skin dryness, fine lines, and dark spots. With the help of the 24-carat-plated microneedles, the skin will absorb the mixtures much faster and painlessly.

Genius by Luctronic

Genius has transformed the non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment industry through its radio-frequency mincroneedling system. The innovative technology uses gold-plated needles to deliver radio-frequency needless to the subdermal layers of the skin. It stimulates collagen and elastic production, improving skin texture and tightness. The advanced technology provides excellent results with virtually no downtime and side effects. Wrinkles and fine lines will also fade away, thanks to Genius.

Lip Augmentation

Your lips tell a story about you. What if they told a story about voluptuousness and beauty? Our team can inject various formulas to make your lips appear plumper. Our injectable filers will increase your lips’ volume, smoothen their appearance, and minimize wrinkles and fine lines. We can also perform upper lip lifts and define the transition between the white and red lip tissue, giving your lips a fuller look.

LaseMD ULTRA by Luctronic

The LaseMD Ultra is a high-power platform that offers a range of benefits, including smoother skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, a youthful appearance, and more. It can also treat freckles, sun spots, age spots, actinic keratoses, and various benign pigmented lesions and blemishes.

Chemical Peels

Depending on the severity of your skin conditions, wrinkles, and fine lines, a more superficial or deeper-level chemical peel may be necessary. Amisial MedSpa offers Dermaplaning and Amazing Peel, two innovative chemical peel treatments that rejuvenate your skin.

Dermaplaning removes naturally-occurring dead cells and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. At the same time, Amazing Peel improves the texture, appearance, and firmness of the skin. It’s great for acne, sunspots, and signs of aging, and it works on all skin types. There’s also minimal to no downtime with Amazing Peel!

Silhouette InstaLift

Our Silhouette InstaLift lifts the deepest layers of the skin tissue through sutures inserted in the mid-face and cheek area. The bi-directional cones used in this technology aid in raising the face and adding a tighter contour to the face. The skin becomes smoother thanks to improved collagen production, and new skin produced is more luminous. The result is a rejuvenated appearance and more facial volume.

The treatment is painless, and there’s little downtime. Moreover, anyone can undergo Silhouette InstaLift, but it provides the best results to people with sagging skin, creases, wrinkles, folds, and so on. Suppose you are sensitive to a biomaterial, or you have allergies, though. In that case, you may not be able to receive the procedure, though.

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